Saturday, July 26, 2008

The Word Of The Day Is Outage

It's always sad to know when a co-worker leaves the program. Apparently there was an outage under the account I work for. We were always told that only leads can declare an outage but as it turns out we can too!

A pregnant co-worker got first dibs on the ticket. We on DayS(hift) don't have a lead to consult after 1PM & our west coast counterparts leave for the day after 8AM so we are pretty much left to ourselves. What kills me is that other co-workers who had a lead later that time did not know whether they should declare it or not. The lead did not know either probably due to a lack of training since he just came on board or he was uniformed of the process for outage.

Well, I hear top management tried to keep my co-worker on the program but losing $7 million isn't something you can just wave away. It was also on that day of the outage that it was posted on the intranet that last quarter loss was $33 billion and they are struggling with a bad economy but things are still afloat. Do I dare blame operations management, training, or just lack of common sense. It's actually all those three but of course, there is nothing else to be said. The shit had hit the fan already and at the very least this was salvaged with some damage control.

Outage is the word of the day my dear reader...I will risk getting blamed for firing up the smoke signals indicating an outage rather than ignoring the emergency at hand.

I wish this preganant co-worker the best of luck & hopefully nothing like this happens again...

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