Sunday, July 27, 2008

Bad Storm Blues Party

Have I ever mentioned that during my work weekends I have a small group I call my My Girls?

Yep, you read it right and no I am not sleeping with them or anything like that. A bad storm was brewing outside the office on a lazy Sunday. One of my girls couldn't reach the office premises because of the bad weather and she felt sick & claims to be throwing up like an anorexic. I offered to cover for her during her absence. I was just fortunate enough to come in before the storm. My girl was supposed to come in earlier than me but due to unfortunate circumstances she could not make it even to take half the day off due to the weather. It was ok though. My issues with her have already passed after a few months of not talking to her. Time does heal I guess but like I said it leaves scars.

This storm has been brewing for 2 days now & very unpredictable. It's sunny & warm out then suddenly the clouds darken, the wind whistles an evil tune & the sky weeps...or spits on the window depending on how you describe a bad weather.

I must be very lucky this week. I partied out last night at Mark's because it was Trish's birthday, I came in a few minutes after 12AM. The birthday girl seems tired, she's taking up law now at my old college & she looks haggard, unsure of herself, and thinking the amount of words she has to read. Bah! I'm glad I didn't take up law. I probably would've just wasted my time reading & memorizing something I probably won't even use. Then again there father is part of the business of jurisprudence & somehow it is very interesting but it's a body too deep for me to swim in.

I brought my umbrella today when I didn't yesterday which was when I needed it most.

This past week has been lucky. Erin & I still have a date on Wednesday & I am taking half of the day off to watch Lea Salonga's Cinderella at the CCP.


Christine said...

You watched Cinderella?! waaaa...kamusta? How was it? Are you on the prowl for your princess Charming?

I like your writing by the way.. wink wink


[C]hicken [G]od said...

You bet your sweet ass we did! Ha ha ha

The Cinderella was kids delight but not as impressive except for Lea Salonga and the big one who plated the fairy godmother role, plus a few others. Either way it worked for Erin and I'm happy that the money spent was well worth the smile and giddiness that she showed that evening.

You like my writing? Oh right, I forgot I have bad penmanship. The makers of BIC, Mongol and other popular writing tool manufacturers will have a fit once they find out I stopped using their products when I started working!

He he he

No Princess Charming for me sweetie, I'm most likely to party till I'm forty!