Sunday, November 14, 2010

Working Under Moonlights

It has been approximately 2-3 months since I got a paycheck.

Although, it does not bother me that much right now I have to preempt possible inflation and emergency situations that may hamper my economic development. I find it funny that I sometimes consider my existence as a recognized entity by the UN

I was contacted by one of the local recruiters to join a startup seeking to grow as a pioneer in Recruitment. It sounded a good idea at that time and the proponents of this organization also founded the now rebranded Stream Global Services. I would still like to focus on writing but everyone still has to eat.

I accepted a lower paying job with lighter responsibilities and thin benefits. At that time, I thought to myself "why not?" It is a startup so they may not be able to pay much and perhaps now is the time to at least weaken the barriers a bit and see how it works out. Compensation-wise, according to some people that work on the local recruitment scene, it is above-average and since I came from a specialized industry they estimate that it does sound interesting and something new indeed.

I was not promised the moon and the stars during my job offer but I think they missed to mention that there are limits to how high the sky will be. Something I only learned during my first week.

Very disappointing in my opinion. They talk about the usual corporate values, mission and vision, blah blah blah. Potentially, I can compare this to another Dilbert world.

I have a week to decide and I guess I need to concentrate more on observing what I should anticipate from this organization.

I remember reading or hearing something regarding something that most likely would be apt for this conundrum "It is my lime & I will squeeze it when I want to".

Monday, November 08, 2010

Archos 43

I tried crowdsourcing for an answer in the quest for my new PMP from a previous post.

A kind soul answered my query and pointed me to the Archos line. I probably chose Creative at first due to it being a brand name and of course, they were the pioneer of sound back  in the mid-90s.

After my first day at work, I thought I'd pop in to one of the shops and ask around. I found out that the specific model I was looking for is relatively new but I saw a glimpse of the Archos 5. A soon to be discontinued model that basically looks like the iPod touch.

I checked the unsealed box and it seems a better choice than the Creative Zen X-Fi2 that alternative PMP users have been hearing about. The Archos seems to match almost everything that I am looking for in the PMP. If it was readily available and a few hundred off the current prices I would have probably made an impulsive decision just like when I purchased my ASUS 1000HE netbook which I still hold dear.

I am going to email the distributor right now and see if it is available. I hope I get to touch before making the purchase!

Sunday, November 07, 2010

Alternative PMPs - The Day My iPod Died

I just found out that my 4th Generation iPod Nano died.

While I felt a tinge of sadness but I think now is the time to find an underdog when it comes to Portable Music Players (PMP).

Here are some brands that I found out as an alternative to the Apple iPod as being the best in its class.





I am thinking the following features should be available in search of that PMP:

  • Full video, picture, audio support on both proprietary and open alternative formats
  • MTP support on most sync software found in both Windows and Linux,
  • 24 hours battery life when in continuous playing mode
  • USB and WiFi support for synching data and installation of apps (latter could be waived)
  • Small and thin form factor
  • Digital recording function 
  • Support for 3.5 mm connectors
So far, Creative is on top of my list. I have yet to explore which models are fit  for my needs. I'll have to research a bit more and get some ideas. It looks like I'll be thinking more during trips than just let wind vibrations distract and capture the attention of my brain!

Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Days - An Evolution Of A Generation

'Happy Days' actor who played Mr. Cunningham dies -, Philippine News for Filipinos

When I first heard this I have always wondered what it would have been like to be there witnessing a generation change the world through free-thinking ideas. The Happy Days series was one of those shows you tend to keep close to your heart as it changes the way you view things.

I remember watching the show on an old colored TV with bad RF reception as Richie Cunningham and his gang going through the motions of American puberty growing up in the 50s. I must say that the 50s was a decade of innocence. Nearing the end of the decade, this generation started to question the necessity of conforming and realized individualism and innovation as the new "cool".

In my personal opinion, some time between the 50s and the 60s was where the term "being cool" became popular as the urge for individualism and being different in a socially acceptable level rose to be what defined their generation.

It would have been nice to be there and be part of the grassroots movement of coining the term cool in a global scale. 

According to Wikipedia there is a timeline of cool:

For what it's worth, Thanks to the Happy Days gang for allowing us to remember how it was like to be innocent and documenting what it was like to be part of a generation that has freed us from the shackles of conformity and promoting individualism.

I certainly hope that future generations will take the better characteristics of individualism and conformity and unite them to form a better society than we have now.