Monday, December 03, 2007

Honesty Is Stupid

Taxi driver finds $17,000 left behind by a passenger. Taxi driver can't pay hospital bills for his sick wife. Taxi driver owes rent. Taxi driver returns money. Taxi driver's reward? $32.

An old local news item I happened to chance upon. Irony for the masses!!!

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Saturday, December 01, 2007

Perfect Scores In An Exam

I just got my end year pay for this year. I tried to assess if I can pay my whole credit card bill so that I can start fresh next year and by something for my self. Of course, Priorities first and that would be Erin and the electric bill. Her mom has been very consistent in letting me know what she needs (thank god!) so I bought her what she asked and little something for her and Erin (Sometimes!). I scooted over there thinking they'd be there since it's a holiday. It's been a while since I last saw Erin. She's put on some weight which I'm happy for but what got me really psyched was that she got perfect scores in all her exams!

My god! That was really something. I knew she was smart and everybody keeps telling me it has to be the genes. Whose genes? I don't know.

I've never aced a whole set of exams ever and it seems that most of everything I hope for came through. It's nice to know that your offspring is doing better than you. I'm so proud of her I just might get her what she wants for christmas!