Thursday, September 30, 2010

Geotagging On Games

I recently tried using FourSquare via Firefox on my netbook. If you do not know what FourSquare is you need to read up on your mobile app news. In a nutshell, it's a social networking site similar to the recently introduced Facebook Places. The site logs where you and your gadget is which they call "checking-in". It seems fun for a few times but it gets boring and the fact that you tell people where you are seem to be a bit too invasive on one's privacy.

On another note, there is also Alternate Reality Games. The first time I heard of this was back in 2005, the biggest one of all was Perplex City. I subscribed to their mailing list and found out that you have to actually travel and purchase cards from the creators to actually enjoy the game.

In this mobile world becoming increasingly smaller, I wonder about the business opportunity on these two great ideas. Why not a Geotagged game local to a specific region (or country)?

I remember back in the 80's when I was still active on the RPG scene, AD&D was one of the hottest pen and paper games played by those who loved to read and imagine. Fanatics went a little bit beyond the pen and paper and started it out in real life.

I see a potential profit model here with most of society owning mobile phones and love to play games. Since social networking is the big thing nowadays, why not create a new mobile alternate reality game? If I only knew how to code this would probably be a good idea. I am probably not the first person to come up with the idea but I would encourage anyone with the resources and knowledge to think about it.

We all like money in some level and if you have the talent and resources why not go and start it up? Please don't forget my cut, by the way....


How To Make Your Roomie Wash The Dishes

For most people, dishwashing is a boring chore. You are stuck next to a sink and get wet while still smelling like last night's bad dinner.

If you can skip for work before your room mate wakes up, you may try this as an incentive to get him/her to wash the dishes...

If you put it this way, who knows? Your mate may just say yes.... Ha ha


Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers

"Uncertainty breeds mistrust

Open sourcers have seized control of the OpenOffice project and product and declared their independence from database giant Oracle.…"

It appears the Open Source community is doubtful of the capitalist corporation Oracle, and their intentions with one of the more popular competitors of MS Office. I just renewed my use on OpenOffice since I installed Linux again on my laptop. I'm glad to say it is still as solid as ever but then again I am a light user of the open source office suite so that observation may be mixed with bias.

Nevertheless, the name change to LibreOffice will not affect my decision on sticking with what works. I'm happy with what I have and I thank the developers and maintainers for keeping the software free from capitalist hands.

If I were you, help support free software by encouraging it's use. Eventually, when the dust settles, everyone will follow suite to the standards and you may never have to pay for a full office application again.

Now, let me cash in my last paycheck and get back to my pursuit of the great capitalist dream!

Monday, September 27, 2010

Plan On Changing Your Notebook Soon?

I found this on my RSS reader. Never hurts to spread out some good news....

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Also, if you find it in your kind hearts to buy me one, you know where to contact me. :)

Thursday, September 23, 2010