Sunday, June 24, 2007

Male Chaunvism Getting Out Of Hand?

Busy, Busy, Busy

The word of the week which is why I missed a post last week. Anyway, While at work I've been entertaining people with quips, stupid anecdotes, stories for the odd and whatever crap I can think of.

It helps alleviate the time while my boss asked me to manage the team while he was away on training for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Something I'll be going through as soon as my turn comes up.

Enough of that. I've been mocking people of whatever station, walk of life, position, etc. Perhaps it's my own little contribution to ensure that everyone knows there place and we all have our limits when it comes to viewing a part of society as a whole.

Popular culture dictated that Men are superior to Women. I use the word "dictate" in the past tense because the world is once again evolving itself and this belief may be losing it's value.

Then the picture above shows up.

he he he he

Some people still stick to the old idea that women are never good at math. There are a lot of scientific studies that show society is to blame. My follow up question is, what makes up society?

Well, it would be the same idiots that could be reading this post.

Funny, to see but think some more and you may or may not be affected by the picture.

I'm guessing that your reaction would be dependent on the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in your body.

Oh yes, on a side note It's dating season! he he he

Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What You Find In Spam & Other Stories

It's another Monday at work. (groan)

I came in 1 minute less than 45 minutes because I thought it was still Sunday till realization spit in my face.

I was late.

Of course, besides me there are also others that have other excuses (Mine is a reason, not an excuse) why they are late or absent. I had to be given a written warning despite my supervisor's reluctance to serve them like jury duty papers. "Orders from the top" He says. Well, It's his job and why will I stop him if his reasons are reasonable? I made the usual promise (I will try my best to commit to it) to him and assurance that I'll do better.

Thanks D, SILO is and always proud of you!!

Anyway, as soon as I logged in to my terminal (Windows really sucks) I immediately checked the local support email of the past few days while my department was at it's weekends off.

I actually spent it watching Ocean's 13 which is a really cool movie and copying the new House season and watching it was part of the reason I came in late. That's for another post though...not here!

Checking email for the whole team is a drag, I think this caused my eyes to be come worse because some people fax in with very awful handwriting.

I do have bad handwriting that is why I work in computers.

I remember an old quip by one of my ex girlfriends (Who exactly, I do not remember) who exclaimed, "Your handwriting is so difficult to understand, I can understand Egyptian hieroglyphics better!".

It's funny, yet it's true.

It's a boring, redundant task but someone has to do it, ME!

While scanning and one by one eliminating spam off our email database, I chanced upon some forwarded messages from our customers who may have added our support email address to their personal contacts list. They must really like us or hate us!

Here is one of the first I found. It was actually written in Spanish and I had to ask my bitch Jack (or Joaquin) to translate. He read the first slide and started mumbling about this is what happens when you far in your dive suit. The next slide shows the picture on the right side.

(pause for comic effect laughter here)

I didn't get it at first but when Jack told me the translation, I laughed so hard! I wonder what he had for breakfast before or during the dive that caused this idiot to fart so much!

He he he he

Now, We all know that the Lion is considered the King of the Animal world. The picture to the left subscribes to the old adage, "Behind every great person is a screaming, nagging woman!".

Now, we have proof! Take that Animal Planet!

Ah well, It's still the start of the week. I hope you enjoyed this little anecdote. If you have any reactions (Violent, peaceful or your laughing so hard you'd swear a little pee came out) post a comment.


Saturday, June 09, 2007

Motel Rooms Spice Up With Themed Rooms?

It has been a crazy week. It is so crazy that I have not even blogged a single thing last week but collected quite a number of bloggable posts.

I've been multi-tasking during my waking hours. Doing casework, calling out to handle escalations, helping my co-workers out, flirting via SMS with a girl that I've been seeing, and listening to my iPod. Everything was done almost simultaneously and I still could not believe I made it through the week.

I told the girl I was seeing that I won't be going out this weekend as I am mentally and physically drained. She asked me how about emotionally, I told her that I got used to the fact that I am always emotionally drained that I have practically ignored my emotional needs to pursue the need of others. She awwed and cooed a bit about being there and will make up for it once we see each other. That is indeed a nice thought. It's nice to feel loved once in a while and being cared for by someone you are slowly getting attached to.

Anyway, here is something strange yet funny when I took an alternate route home. If you have known me long enough I may have mentioned Wise Motel's Glow In The Dark theme rooms. I can imagine it to be freaky that you may not get your jollies off especially when you use glow in the dark rubber for a little coupling!

It seems like one of the largest local motel chains will not stand down for this and made up their own concept of theme rooms....

Victoria Court's Theme Rooms

  • The Matrix Room
Yep. You read it right, dear reader. This comes with the tagline Take Control. I am not really sure what that is supposed to mean but I am betting that if you are into BDSM and some other control-freak sexual orientation, this certainly would be the room for that raunchy violent couple.

  • X-men Room
This was what really inspired (or urged) me to blog about this.

Unleash the power

I guess that was supposed to end with a high note. Well, it really didn't do anything for me. It got me to think of 2 humongous lesbians doing muff dives of off each other.

Ewwwww...Hey, I love to see 2 carpet munchers going at it as much as the next guy but, dude. We are talking huge, hairy, fat chicks digging whatever they are trying to find between their thighs. The thought makes me shudder.

If you are familiar with one of Hollywood's first successful comic franchises, you ought to remember the ├╝ber-futurustic door to Cerebro. The picture shown on the print ad actually did show a picture of that door. Im guessing you have to do some sort of Jedi Mind Trick for that door to work.

I even tried to take a picture of the print ads but all I got was a lousy and vague impression of an impressionist painting by a painter who puked out the watercolor he was supposed to use for paint.

My cam on the phone really sucks. I wish I made more money and the card abuser who actually uses my card instead of me pays the card bills up front so that I can get to use it,

Well, That was indeed a crazy week. If I find something new and strange to blog about I'll post it.

Thanks for reading.

FINALLY! A $199 Laptop To Hit Stores In August

A laptop for those of us who just want to take notes and surf the web while in class. The price? $199 USD....

I read the article and I do have a few questions.

How is the battery life?
Notebooks are made for portability and it would be pointless lugging it around and keep plugging it everywhere to use it.

Does it have the option for WiFi?
3G is great but most are still using the free WiFi found in certain areas and an option for it would be great.

The storage looks fair enough providing the cost plus if it is just for simple web browsing, notes, and common workload without the heavy graphics this could be ideal.

Frankly, I wonder how will this match up to the OLPC that was just released if a consumer version was available.

Then again, for newbies and cheapskates, this might be a nice starter kit for people just getting jacked in to the net.

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Lucky Monkey

Well at least someone is getting lucky!

It seems our fine friends have experienced human culture after captivity.

How lucky can this guy get?

From the human point of view, Mr. Monkey seems a bit conscious of what is going on. This reminds me of the first book in the bible, Genesis.

Mr. Monkey now feels what Adam felt when Eve ate the apple. He just took advantage after appreciating wha
t he saw.

Hot Off The Press: Isaiah Washington Out Of Grey's Anatomy

"I'm mad as hell and I'm not going to take it anymore," Washington said in a statement released through his publicist, Howard Bragman, without elaboration.

The title says it all. It seems the surgeon who has a God-complex does have it in real-life. I am not sure what happens to the predicted spin-off without him but I hope it works out.

I wonder how Christina Yang feels after the loss of her partner in the series. I haven't really watched season 3 yet but.....

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Friday, June 08, 2007

Book Publisher Resorts To Cheap Stunts: Steals Google Laptops

Apparently the CEO of Macmillan Publishers decided to swipe two Google laptops from Google's booth at BookExpo America, wait for Google employees to notice the missing laptops (took about an hour) and then claim that he was just giving Google "a taste of their own medicine."

I don't see what this proves but it seems a juvenile act. So what if they stole laptops from the biggest search engine to date? I firmly believe that as long as they are credited properly for their efforts, they can still make money off of the publishing industry. This of course should be done within reasonable limits, Companies are still there for profit but in the back of their minds, they are still there to provide a service (for a profit!)

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Are you Racist?

This Test made by Harvard will tell you.Take the test -- You may be surprised.It's just 20 minutes max. Would it kill you to try?

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Wednesday, June 06, 2007

What Would Happen If The Entire Chinese Population Jumped At Once?

Nothing. Nada. Zilch. Null.

There was something similar recreated in a German rock festival recently.

The scientific explanation can be found here.

Now, if the whole Chinese population farted, would that prove an old email claiming that the power of such a feat would equal a small nuclear bomb?

If so, then China is not only a economic super power but their true strength would be in their people.

Be afraid, be very afraid....


Monday, June 04, 2007

A New Symptom

This past week, I've discovered something new. I think I have developed Vertigo. Every time I make a sharp turn somewhere, I get dizzy. It sucks but at least it doesn't reach the point that I have to regurgitate every time I have to rush.

I think I'll be having trouble getting to work tonight. I've felt nervous thinking I would be hit by a truck or something because of this new symptom I've acquired somewhere.

Hmmm...I wonder if I can get Dr. House to have a looksie...

*Takes a sharp turn somewhere*


Sunday, June 03, 2007

Heroes - Volume 1

If you check the time this was posted you will not be surprised.

Yep. I do go online around this time when I get home from work and when I am not busy on the weekends I normally don't wake up at this sacrilegious hour of 8:17 AM (PHT).

Quick, ask me why!!!!

I'll blame it on my notebook and Heroes. I finally finished the whole first season and I can sum it up in one word:


The whole season was so exciting and full of hanging story lines that you simply could not wait for the next episode. The season ender also was not a cliff hanger but it will indeed keep you coming back for Volume 2, titled "Generations".

The plot seems to point outthat everything has ended till you see a preview of next season. Im sure it will be a hit and with the right moves it may even surpass the current comic franchise trend.

Kudos to Tim Kring and his writers for doing a most awesome job.

You made my 2nd quarter feel a bit better despite the personal stuff I have been struggling with.

Thank you!

Saturday, June 02, 2007

Amazing Mystery Of The New AACS Key Leak

Today I had a remarkable conversation with an anonymous tipster who had a fascinating story to tell about the latest AACS key leak...

This was an original story at boingboing. It's a short one but very entertaining. It was really a surprise when an alleged prank comment was apparently true!

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