Tuesday, January 01, 2013

2013 and what happened to 2012?

It has been more than a year since I last posted. I have been busy looking for new work. For those who just joined us, I have moved from a lucrative IT career to media. It isn't easy and living on residual income is not exactly the best of times for someone who just joined the media circus.

Watching your account empty paying bills and living off credit cards is painful for someone who tries to eke out a living with no contacts and no source of income. I was almost down to my last month and living off of credit and people who owe me money. I just kept on passing on resumes and tried to expand my horizons by learning more of what I am getting myself in to.

Eventually, a small but (alleged) major player in the PR industry hired me as a writer. I like the work but the culture is shockingly inadequate for me. The lack of creativity and the complacent office ambiance is unnerving and somewhat draining. These people are smart, I am sure of it. They just lack the motivation to enjoy their work. I am still looking for a proper ad agency and I still continue on passing my resumes and slowly build a portfolio. I was told that normally copywriters switch to PR writing. I do not know why but PR writing is boring, or maybe it is because I am unable to use the words I often use. I feel like I have to dumb myself down and learn to appreciate the shallow entertainment that local media produces.

I still continue to look at ads and increase my awareness on the subtleties of making an impact in consumer spending. I don't think I can find any support from where I stand right now but at least I am getting paid to write. I am thankful for that but I want to do more.

Here's hoping that this year I can break in further into the small and misunderstood advertising industry.