Friday, November 23, 2007


I've finally achieved forgetting most of what I knew in computing. I think I'm ready to take on Linux now and re-learn everything from the ground up. First, I need a decent desktop. As in my previous post Im still deciding what to do.

Choice, choices, choices.

It's hard when you want to do several things all at the same time.

Work has been a bitch. I haven't seen anyone for almost a month. I miss conversations (Intellectual, Interesting, Intriguing), I miss the people I haven't seen in a while (Guys, when are you coming back to this side of the world?)

I miss a lot of things. Sheesh!

Sunday, November 18, 2007

When Movie Titles Really Mean Something

Well, it seems you can make up new phrases when you put different movie titles together. Here's a sample....

Pretty freaky if you ask me. What's up with this? What the hell would the outcome be?

Fuck it! Im just pretty bored right now.

The Orgasalarm!

Car alarms probably annoy you. Certainly, they annoy me. I understand the reason for their existence, but some of them seem to be so finicky that just a truck driving by will set them off. Fortunately (or,unfortunately,depending on your point of view), there's the Orgasalarm If you're at work, you're definitely going to want to turn the sound down. (It would be awesome with women though, You know you're doing great in bed!)

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Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost 36 Hours...

Since 10 AM yesterday morning I haven't slept...literally.

I've lost the knack to sleep. I planned to get some shuteye before logging off from work but somehow every case I handle suddenly make themselves urgent.

Since sleeping was out of the question, I just readied myself to go to my former officemates kid's baptism.

I saw a few old faces and it seems my rep is still stuck in some of the people I used to work with. There was this pretty girl who I knew only by face and she didn't know me well except by reputation. I remember because she was stunning.

She is now a few weeks or months pregnant and me still being tactless from lack of sleep simply blurted out that she was still stunning and albeit she did gain a bit she still was pretty. I don't exactly know what came over me but well at least I think I made her day.

Pretty, a word I rarely use nowadays. I think it's true what one of my former dates say. I guess I am a bit choosy. Perhaps I've set my standards to high which is why I can never settle for just anyone. It seems it has to be someone. Well, it's the selfishness in me breaking through the cage of ignorance I've formed a little more than a decade ago. Bah! I think too much! I'll leave it to fate in terms of relationships.

Anyhoo, I did meet a few new people. New blood of the company working in various support groups. My friend jokingly asked if I wanted to come back to the company and add myself to the corporate hierarchy. I thought about it and it depends on what they are offering. I'm content where I am but I'd love to be at a better position or whatever I can get.

Well, there's always time. We'll see what happens. Now, I really need to sleep!

Saturday, November 10, 2007

In Between Choices

Should I go for the new Treo 680, the recently introduced iPod Touch, a macbook notebook, a digital camera or a new desktop?

13th month pay is just 2 weeks away. I haven't really decided yet. I still have to pay my credit card bill (in full!) so that I can start fresh next year and take advantage of the PayLite plan.

Got any suggestions? Let me know.