Saturday, July 19, 2008

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An acquaintance chanced upon my blog and asked why I referred to my best girl as mine. It seemed pretty selfish she said. True enough I thought that Erin is mine but it's even blatantly true that I should mention Erin as OUR daughter.

I'd like to be fair to the mother, I thought. Even if we don't speak much anymore she still is part of something special & it physically exists.

Come to think of it I do miss Erin. I haven't seen her for quite sometime. I'm glad my half-day got approved even if I can't file it as paid which for some strange reason I still don't understand. I think I should talk to our Operations Manager and check with him.

Frankly, I guess for political reasons but that's too much assumption.

I'll look up Erin next week even if I don't take her out. I'm scrimping on cash right now and trying to make the odds & ends of this energy crisis.

It sickens me to know that we still rely on an 80 year old fuel that is slowly causing disruption in the whole social strata. I hope we fast track on renewable energy resource soon. It's just a matter of time...

For how long? I don't know

On to the lighter side of this post, I had a short chat & walk with this really cute girl from the office. Again, she is way taller than frustrating is that? Oh well, I guess this ended not as light as I had hoped.

He he

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