Sunday, July 20, 2008

Lazy Sunday

Lazy indeed!

I just picked up a few tickets that were still unowned. I've noticed that the weather has been warm as of late. So I played some tunes off my workstation speakers

(By the way, my play lists seems to agree with everyone today!)

The cute one from the office and another female co-worker borrowed my audio plug and they watched Knocked Up on the latter's 3rd gen Nano. Funny to think what people will do when they're bored.

There I go again taking pictures & videos of everyone. An idea popped into my head. Why not create a WaMu TSG facebook group so that we can put faces on the peeps we chat & talk with for support?

Everyone seems to agree with it. Tomorrow I'm starting that after seeing Erin or maybe the day after tomorrow.

I was browsing about El DeBarge in Wikipedia. Ha ha ha I just got a new track from an a related note, I also found out that Aztec Camera,a band from the 80's when blue button down shirts & pink undershirts were the style of that time did a somewhat lighthearted rendition of Jump which was a Van Halen original. It was refreshing to hear a more light hearted tone and I just can't stop playing it in my head.

I also happened to chance upon the wikipedia entry for The Doors and found out that Jim Morrison's grave is located in Paris. I posted an interesting Greek saying here. (Link pending till I get my new blog up)

The same saying led me to another interesting blog made by Tony Powell. Interesting stuff if I may say so.

I'm a the coffee bean & tea leaf right now writing this since I am in no hurry to get home.

Just a few minutes alone with my thoughts....

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