Thursday, December 24, 2009

Box Upgrade!

It's been a year, 2 months, and some odd days since I got back to actually using Windows everyday again. I've been meaning to do a major upgrade on the pretty much the guts on this box this year but time and money was a hindrance.

Yet just last night, I started my first upgrade...Memory!

I just recently started playing games again starting with Dungeons & Dragons Online then moved on bit by bit to the current fad Dragon Age: Origins.

I just popped it in the slot so I am now running at 4GB Memory on dual channel mode. I haven't noticed much difference yet (Although she turns off much more faster now, I was hoping for faster boot times but it seems the effect was in reverse) but nevertheless I am a bit more content with the performance.

I need to check if I can open a slush fund for more computer upgrades and if you will indulge me, I am soliciting donations for such in cash or kind (i.e. the actual parts I need)

He he he