Friday, October 22, 2010

Norton 360 - Does Any Self-Respecting Geek Still Use This?

I don't know about you guys but I don't use Norton or McAfee anymore. I am unsure why Norton 360 was there on the scene but does anyone still actually use this on a geek-powered production environment?


If you do, let yourself be heard!

Media Consumption - It Can Eat You Alive

The Internet is just piles of stacks of information bunched up together, read or viewed by persons who have interest in a particular subject. Personally, I call it a media glut.

Strangely enough, people just like to consume information. We have become or soon to be a media-consuming society. If anyone remembers the movie WALL-E, the little robot saves humankind from lethargy and the heavy loss of physical human social interaction which has lost its appeal due to the addicting lure of media consumption. The humans in this animated movie have subjugated themselves to a comfortable chair and the basic needs have been rendered so common that they take it for granted.

The majority of developed countries have these conveniences easily accessible that they are considered fat. I mean no offense to those who are horizontally challenged but I would bet that a part of that group is plopped down on a comfy chair, consuming media. I know it must be hard to pry off yourself from the chair but if you think about it, this will lead you to consume large amounts of visually appealing forms of entertainment and render your body physically unfulfilled with huge amounts of energy being stored in unappealing areas. Let me ask you, why would you want to be glued to the tube and feel bad about it?

If you don't feel anything at all then you may be as worse as the crack addict on the street. We start becoming dependent on media and forget the other niceties that life has to offer. Social relationships for one comes to mind. When was the last time you had an intellectual conversation over a non-intoxicating drink with a friend? When was the last time you grind yourself against another warm body in the dance floor? Better yet, when was the last time you felt you have reached a higher form of physical exhilaration because you made your body go through an adrenalin-induced exercise?

Recently, someone posted this story in a forum. You would not want to be the subject of this story.

On a chemical level, you need endorphins. I remember being so bored once I watched Legally Blonde. There was this scene where the heroine got an internship in a law firm and had this bright idea to prove why the defendant could not have allegedly murdered the victim. As it turns out, the defendant excercised a lot and to quote the heroine directly "I just don't think that Brooke could've done this. Exercise gives you endorphins. Endorphins make you happy. Happy people just don't shoot their husbands, they just don't"

I for one, am still thankful that in the real world we still try to cope up with the conveniences that technology offers but there are certain people I know who have been enslaved by these lures of convenience. When was the last time you really went out? 

I encourage you to spend some time outside. Once in a while, try working that physical body of yours and try a mental exercise to get the rust off of those underutilized parts. You don't buy a car that you never use, right? It is a waste of money and resources if you don't use that car once in a while. The same goes for your meat bag, how about using it by helping those who lack the physical faculties to do simple things.

Maybe you should stop reading this and start contributing by making yourself useful!

Sunday, October 10, 2010

Dog Dating

You know I'm cute, right? In case you haven't noticed, I can be funny too!
That's it, Dating has gone to the dogs!!!

Saturday, October 09, 2010

Wednesday, October 06, 2010

Map Of Online Communities

Map of Online Communities
I chanced on this while browsing Gizmodo.

LOL at the Icy North part of the map! Ha ha

Found a larger map posted by Zak. Credits to the author and the original poster.

Laptop VS Notebook VS Netbook

I just finished reading a netbook review and the 126 comments crawling with ideas and opinions about the distinguishing features of a Netbook, a Notebook, and a Laptop. It seems that on every new product model that comes out, the lines between them get blurrier and blurrier which strikes me as odd.

In the interest of simplicity, I researched more on what the official definitions of each is:
Laptop - From what I understand, this is your desktop replacement. Huge 17in screen and works as a desktop that you can carry. Typically, powerful enough to run the latest games and other productivity apps you want to run. This category is also heavy. I have heard they can weigh around 8-10 lbs but it comes with almost all the bells and whistles that a desktop can have.

Notebook - This would be the lighter version catered more for the mobile office user. In this category, you deal more with office productivity apps and other office-related tasks. You need it to be portable if you switch desks to sit with clients, create presentations for a meeting, or just check your office mail. They are not as powerful as the Laptop but that is compensated for mobility and longer battery life. 

Note: There is a sub-category for the notebook called a sub notebook. This is a much more lighter version of the notebook usually by taking out the optical drive and replacing it with more USB ports or better design for cooling.

Netbook - This is a relatively new category in the market of mobile computing. I am actually writing on one right now. The Netbook is more for the casual user who wants to surf the web and is very light by a pound or two from the Notebook. It is also the cheapest among the aforementioned but is not as fast and runs apps at minimum speed. I chose this category since I do not plan on doing heavy graphics from games plus I do more light writing and browsing. The battery life is a little better than the Netbook and theoretically some manufacturer claims to provide up to 15 hours battery life which I have yet to experience.

By this time you may be wondering why the lesson of distinction for this category. I'd like to hear from you folks if the ASUS 1215N is a netbook or a notebook? I am considering selling this one and start getting something much more powerful. 

You think it is worth the upgrade from an ASUS 1000HE?

Possibly The Most Racial Field Trip Ever

During the first 3 months of the beginning of the year, students usually go on field trips. Signed waivers, unhealthy snacks, and other contraband one usually cannot bring in to the classroom is now in backpacks getting the student ready for an awesome field  trip.

The usual destinations for a break from the dreary walls of the classroom are museums, Beverage manufacturing plants, Pencil factories, planetariums, and historical sites.

I found this little gem from last year about how an innocent little field trip goes hilariously wrong at the end.

I hope you enjoy it as much as I did!

Tuesday, October 05, 2010

Cebu Pacific Flight Attendants Are Concerned With Your Safety

For regular flyers, safety is important but that doesn't mean it has to be boring. Cebu Pacific Air communicated this messsage on safety through dance when someone posted this video.

Personally, I think this is a great idea, especially for their upcoming IPO. Reading various comments and news about this video were half and half on the pros and cons.

In my estimation, people are entertained by this but it begs the question, Does this stunt actually deliver the message clearly on flying safely with Cebu Pacific Air? One of the points that were made is that the dance is distracting, the pros of this is that it grabs the attention of the passenger before the long boring flight. I think I will leave everyone to their own opinions on this one.

Unfortunately, as quoted by the Philippine Star, Vice president for marketing and distribution Candice Iyog mentioned that this demo on flight safety is just a test while they are up in the sky. Frankly, I hope they continue this and make it worthwhile for the long trips.

It would be interesting to note that another video was posted that they have been practicing the dance.

Nevertheless, Kudos to the person(s) behind this bright idea. I think PAL needs to come up with great ideas and we do need innovation through competition.

Credits to the posters and articles linked to this post.

Sunday, October 03, 2010

Vogon Poetry

Here is a little anecdote I thought of before my brain cells gave up...

"I tried turning my life around too many times I ended up dizzy and puked a little"

Someone out there may have thought of the same thing but I posted it first! Ha ha

Saturday, October 02, 2010

Modern Jose Rizal Protests In Church - A Commentary

December 30, 1896 was a day when a national hero died. His name was José Rizal. A Filipino educated in the west and died by firing squad during the 333 year colonial rule of Spain. Some local historians claim his heroism to be riddled with controversy and historical rumors surround this character as one of the proponents of the Philippine Revolution against Spain's colonial subjugation.

September 30, 2010 a quaint man dressed in the fashion of the late 1800's holding a placard with a name inscribed, "DAMASO" protesting the Church's involvement in state politics by shouting during the normal ritual of professing one's faith through holy mass as a member of the Roman Catholic church.

Carlos Celdran is a big supporter of the Reproductive Health bill and for what its worth I partially agree with the freedom of choice. Unfortunately, I do not agree to his methods of protest. Out of respect to any religious enterprise, one should not interrupt their rituals of solemnity. I do not see the point of committing a sin by a catholic against the heads of their own religion. 

Nevertheless, I agree that the church should never involve itself in politics. Their opinion matters but they cannot decide for themselves on behalf of others as to what should be the best course of action. This is why we have religious conflicts, they tend to decide with others that they are right and the rest are wrong. Why can't we just say our piece and leave it to the public to decide what the best course of action is?

This same thought goes to Carlos Celdran's approach to showing his support for the Reproductive Health Bill. As clever as he is, I think he would have been more effective doing this in Luneta instead of disrupting a holy ritual (maybe after?). If this was done in a Mosque he may have ended up being stoned or whatever form of punishment our Muslim brethren deem appropriate for such intolerable behavior.

Looking at this from my point of view, the intention seems to have merit but the creative approach could have been better.

Can't we all just get along through civil debates and letting the public decide for themselves what the merits of your side of the argument is?

Of course, this is just commentary but I believe it is something that you, the public, should ponder on. 

I'd love to hear your thoughts and bicker about them.