Sunday, September 16, 2007

Workstation Confessionals

I came to work one night, tired as the dead itching for a cigarette

You passed me by shining like a soft light with that oh so beautiful smile

It made me ache for human touch, a warmth not felt for years in this tired old soul

It made me feel that warm glow that has lived in ice for so long

I kept watch over it and tried to fan it, first it was too strong and I blew it away

You smiled again, i tried to keep it away from the ice surrounding my soul

It died down eventually

I think I need you to keep that warm glow, I am happier with you when you are there to keep me warm

I still know not your name, I try not to date inside the office but it lessens the chance of seeing someone like you

I am confused on how to approach this, by god this is so difficult, a choice between principle & selfish reasons

It is never simple, we are always in danger and risk is life and life risks us.

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