Monday, September 24, 2007

Two Decades & 364 Days Old

Ha ha ha ha ha

It is going to be a few minutes before the hands on the clock align themselves, pointing at the top....

What does it mean?

I wonder myself, why do the arms point upwards when it is time to signify the next day. Bah, it's nothing really to worry about, I'll figure it out later.

I've been smoking like hell (nothing really new about that, eh?) as I was supposed to go out on a date setup by my friend the single mom. It didn't happen obviously as my date caught the sniffles. It's quite alright for me. I've had a few dates cancel on me before and we can always reschedule. I am on leave this week, thanks to the kindness of my boss and his boss, so I have enough time to do whatever. I've been waking up feeling better and better and I finally see people....


Real People.

People going to work looking fresh from the shower and smell wonderful.

People holding hands as if they are making sure they are waking up from a dream together in bed.

Here is something I've noticed just recently. The real pretty ones go out in the day and hide in their homes most of the night. A possible migration pattern of hot ones or coincidence? We will prove that theory later.

It is times like these I wish I had a camera. Yes, a digital prosumer edition that can last longer. That would be awesome, wouldn't it?

I can post a lot post pictures of this blog and you can see what I see. Come to think of it I do have a lot of plans but everything is on hold till we get Erin's educational plan done.

I can't wait till next year and see if I've made the changes I wanted to make. I also dread next year because I will be 3 decades surviving this turn of the wheel of life.

Now, back to my theory of migrating hotties around. Yes, apparently the cream of the crop still live majority of their lives during the day and they party at night. I've seen them, for people who have not gone out much this past year or so I would suggest that you do if you are interested in hooking up with someone. I usually do it with a wingman by my side. Casually introducing myself alone to these normal peeps are kind of awkward as they normally flock in groups. It must be a cultural thing as they are rarely seen alone seeking new companionship outside.

Now, where do we find people as lonely as I or with low self-esteem (but big ego's just like me!)?

Single bars are pretty much non-existent or I have never uncovered such a nest in the social gatherings I've been. There is simply not enough time for me to search. Maybe next year when I can afford a longer leave and when I can make ends meet for the people who rely in me.

Nevertheless, a minute and a few seconds more to go....

I can't wait for what's in store for me on the next few days...

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