Saturday, September 29, 2007

I'm Sorry. I Was So Busy Yesterday...

The title was a message sent from the mother of my daughter via SMS.

How would you feel if you already agreed and you tried to trust the person to live up to that agreement and get shot down every time this happens? It's a simple thing to let the other person know right? Perhaps a few more details would be better, but No, she'd rather be selfish and I cannot afford to be selfish to anyone who rely on me. If I did they would fall apart and I would have incurred more resources to be fulfilled in a few ways. I chose the former because I feel that I am needed but once I give up, I would really give up.

It sucks right? It may or may not have happened to you but it always happens to me. There is always an excuse. It's like playing with a spoiled kid who never wants to be "it" in a game of tag. She always wants to win.

Mos people still think I am irresponsible because I do not prioritize her and they criticize me for it. Gee, apparently we live in a very biased world where fact is considered fiction and your facade matters. Of course, I am stating the obvious. I'm sure people know about it, they just refuse to talk about it, acknowledge it, and change it.

Bah! I am just venting out. I think I still have the patience for it. For how long, that's a different story.

Screw it. I'll have to get ready, my daughter is more important to me. Even if she never knows it.

I'll just have to suck it up and take it like a real father.

I wish I could be one for her someday....

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