Saturday, September 22, 2007

Ooops! Sorry For Spilling Paint On Your Car....

I've always thought that advertising would have been a very interesting field to work in. I've met a few people that have dabbled in the advertising industry or would at least have loved to work there. It is indeed a very competitive industry, though. Only the most creative and silver-tongued can survive the battle of cost versus delivering the message to a target market versus creativity versus implementation to a great idea and put it all in various types of media like the picture on the inset.

When I think about the best advertising I've seen so far, it was the old Globe Handyphone commercial. I cant seem to remember the official title of that less-than-30 second ad but it was about a couple sending SMS messages between each other setting up for a date. The reason why they were sending SMS to each other via their huge mobile phones (back then they were considered small) was apparently they were bereft of the gift of speech. Dude, that really stoked me up and it inspired to aspire to be a better writer (despite years of hiatus and off/on inspiration). I remember when I learned that the mother of my daughter was pregnant, I actually sent out an application to one of the popular agencies to become a copywriter but they politely declined my advances. I thought back then maybe it wasn't for me until I saw this.

Maybe I should give it another shot? Perhaps or perhaps not. Now, I am not in the position to take a risk. I still have a daughter to support and another family to help rise from debt and poverty. When I think about it, I am sometimes glad Erin isn't with me. She doesn't have to go through what the rest of the world goes through but I do miss her and wish I could be there but alas, a choice was made on her behalf. Oh well, that's the way the paint spills, just like the Ad; Subtle, creative, and leaves an impression that you either have to learn or it will just keep reminding you.

I seriously need to try again and sleep, I've been awake for a good 22 hours already and I'm risking a good night's sleep just to write this.

Thanks for reading and enjoy!

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