Sunday, June 24, 2007

Male Chaunvism Getting Out Of Hand?

Busy, Busy, Busy

The word of the week which is why I missed a post last week. Anyway, While at work I've been entertaining people with quips, stupid anecdotes, stories for the odd and whatever crap I can think of.

It helps alleviate the time while my boss asked me to manage the team while he was away on training for 7 Habits of Highly Effective People.

Something I'll be going through as soon as my turn comes up.

Enough of that. I've been mocking people of whatever station, walk of life, position, etc. Perhaps it's my own little contribution to ensure that everyone knows there place and we all have our limits when it comes to viewing a part of society as a whole.

Popular culture dictated that Men are superior to Women. I use the word "dictate" in the past tense because the world is once again evolving itself and this belief may be losing it's value.

Then the picture above shows up.

he he he he

Some people still stick to the old idea that women are never good at math. There are a lot of scientific studies that show society is to blame. My follow up question is, what makes up society?

Well, it would be the same idiots that could be reading this post.

Funny, to see but think some more and you may or may not be affected by the picture.

I'm guessing that your reaction would be dependent on the ratio of testosterone and estrogen in your body.

Oh yes, on a side note It's dating season! he he he

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