Tuesday, June 12, 2007

What You Find In Spam & Other Stories

It's another Monday at work. (groan)

I came in 1 minute less than 45 minutes because I thought it was still Sunday till realization spit in my face.

I was late.

Of course, besides me there are also others that have other excuses (Mine is a reason, not an excuse) why they are late or absent. I had to be given a written warning despite my supervisor's reluctance to serve them like jury duty papers. "Orders from the top" He says. Well, It's his job and why will I stop him if his reasons are reasonable? I made the usual promise (I will try my best to commit to it) to him and assurance that I'll do better.

Thanks D, SILO is and always proud of you!!

Anyway, as soon as I logged in to my terminal (Windows really sucks) I immediately checked the local support email of the past few days while my department was at it's weekends off.

I actually spent it watching Ocean's 13 which is a really cool movie and copying the new House season and watching it was part of the reason I came in late. That's for another post though...not here!

Checking email for the whole team is a drag, I think this caused my eyes to be come worse because some people fax in with very awful handwriting.

I do have bad handwriting that is why I work in computers.

I remember an old quip by one of my ex girlfriends (Who exactly, I do not remember) who exclaimed, "Your handwriting is so difficult to understand, I can understand Egyptian hieroglyphics better!".

It's funny, yet it's true.

It's a boring, redundant task but someone has to do it, ME!

While scanning and one by one eliminating spam off our email database, I chanced upon some forwarded messages from our customers who may have added our support email address to their personal contacts list. They must really like us or hate us!

Here is one of the first I found. It was actually written in Spanish and I had to ask my bitch Jack (or Joaquin) to translate. He read the first slide and started mumbling about this is what happens when you far in your dive suit. The next slide shows the picture on the right side.

(pause for comic effect laughter here)

I didn't get it at first but when Jack told me the translation, I laughed so hard! I wonder what he had for breakfast before or during the dive that caused this idiot to fart so much!

He he he he

Now, We all know that the Lion is considered the King of the Animal world. The picture to the left subscribes to the old adage, "Behind every great person is a screaming, nagging woman!".

Now, we have proof! Take that Animal Planet!

Ah well, It's still the start of the week. I hope you enjoyed this little anecdote. If you have any reactions (Violent, peaceful or your laughing so hard you'd swear a little pee came out) post a comment.



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Thanks Agent O!!

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