Sunday, July 01, 2007

An Unlucky Weekend

It seems someone made some sort of voodoo ritual for me this weekend. I didn't go to work the last 2 days of the week. My cold eventually has made a nice home which caused my white blood cells to react and create a bad fever which rendered me useless.


Then while taking a good nights sleep on Friday, I accidentally knocked off my Inspiron and broke the AC adapter connector. I thought I could probably solder it back when the crack of dawn came so I went to sleep. When the sun rose up the whole rubber covering may have brittled up and completely separated itself from the cord.


It didn't matter though, It's pay day and I guess I can cough up a few thou to buy a new one locally.


My mom woke me up asking to print out a document my dad made from the Inspiron. I knew I had a power problem and I turned on the unit and quickly turned up the knob on all power saving features. I had to copy all the documents, videos, and other stuff to the mangy old desktop that I had. I was able to get most of it but missed a few. Hopefully when I get that new AC adapter for the Inspiron I can get everything up and organized.


My office mate sent me an SMS message, I thought it was just the usual complaints of not getting what they actuall deserved. Her group has not been given a chance to be heard out by management on the way they get their performance appraisal increase. Then I checked the ATM machine and I gasped...

I got the lowest possible pay in my paygrade and it sucks.

I was flabbergasted by the whole thing. My plans on that AC adapter went to the bottom of the priority barrel. Then I thought of the monthly electric bill which ate 3/4ths of my pay check. i also had to think about my daughter's 2 week requirement of milk & diapers. Eventually, I had to decide to dip into my nest egg to make sure everything was covered.

I had to make sure that the electric bill got paid and then Erin. Everything else seems so minor.

I checked the other account where I kept my small stash and I was a bit surprised that I have a lot I could spend on.

Of course, my priority should still be those who rely heavily on me.

I quickly tried to check how much an AC adapter costs and it would damage my wallet around less than Php2500 depending where I buy it. I hope I get the best deal from

I tried to figure out how I can spread my meager paycheck to all my required expenses and bills to be paid. I finally figured out a deal but during that time most of the ATM's were down and the other had a reaaaalllly long line. I figured what the heck. I'll try the line and see how it goes.

I planned on seeing my daughter and bring my bi-weekly obligation with the go ahead from her mom. She said "Sure. I ain't at home but you can still go." So I did, when I rang the doorbell, Joan went out and told me that my daughter isn't there. Then it hit me, it seems the fates have decided to extend the pain (which I have not gotten used to yet) of not seeing my daughter.

I went home dejected as usual and instead of wallowing in the usual emotional pain, I opted to do something productive. I worked on the computers back at home. It took me quite a while to figure stuff out as it has been a while since I last opened up these boxes for a loooong time. I've decided when the purse strings are not so tight, I had better borrow or buy a USB-IDE adapter. I knew it would make everything easier when doing common backups without cracking open my boxes.

Well, It has been an unlucky weekend. I've given giving optimism for the week. As the Magic 8-ball says, "Try again, next time"

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