Sunday, June 03, 2007

Heroes - Volume 1

If you check the time this was posted you will not be surprised.

Yep. I do go online around this time when I get home from work and when I am not busy on the weekends I normally don't wake up at this sacrilegious hour of 8:17 AM (PHT).

Quick, ask me why!!!!

I'll blame it on my notebook and Heroes. I finally finished the whole first season and I can sum it up in one word:


The whole season was so exciting and full of hanging story lines that you simply could not wait for the next episode. The season ender also was not a cliff hanger but it will indeed keep you coming back for Volume 2, titled "Generations".

The plot seems to point outthat everything has ended till you see a preview of next season. Im sure it will be a hit and with the right moves it may even surpass the current comic franchise trend.

Kudos to Tim Kring and his writers for doing a most awesome job.

You made my 2nd quarter feel a bit better despite the personal stuff I have been struggling with.

Thank you!

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