Saturday, June 09, 2007

FINALLY! A $199 Laptop To Hit Stores In August

A laptop for those of us who just want to take notes and surf the web while in class. The price? $199 USD....

I read the article and I do have a few questions.

How is the battery life?
Notebooks are made for portability and it would be pointless lugging it around and keep plugging it everywhere to use it.

Does it have the option for WiFi?
3G is great but most are still using the free WiFi found in certain areas and an option for it would be great.

The storage looks fair enough providing the cost plus if it is just for simple web browsing, notes, and common workload without the heavy graphics this could be ideal.

Frankly, I wonder how will this match up to the OLPC that was just released if a consumer version was available.

Then again, for newbies and cheapskates, this might be a nice starter kit for people just getting jacked in to the net.

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Bob Reyes said...


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