Saturday, June 09, 2007

Motel Rooms Spice Up With Themed Rooms?

It has been a crazy week. It is so crazy that I have not even blogged a single thing last week but collected quite a number of bloggable posts.

I've been multi-tasking during my waking hours. Doing casework, calling out to handle escalations, helping my co-workers out, flirting via SMS with a girl that I've been seeing, and listening to my iPod. Everything was done almost simultaneously and I still could not believe I made it through the week.

I told the girl I was seeing that I won't be going out this weekend as I am mentally and physically drained. She asked me how about emotionally, I told her that I got used to the fact that I am always emotionally drained that I have practically ignored my emotional needs to pursue the need of others. She awwed and cooed a bit about being there and will make up for it once we see each other. That is indeed a nice thought. It's nice to feel loved once in a while and being cared for by someone you are slowly getting attached to.

Anyway, here is something strange yet funny when I took an alternate route home. If you have known me long enough I may have mentioned Wise Motel's Glow In The Dark theme rooms. I can imagine it to be freaky that you may not get your jollies off especially when you use glow in the dark rubber for a little coupling!

It seems like one of the largest local motel chains will not stand down for this and made up their own concept of theme rooms....

Victoria Court's Theme Rooms

  • The Matrix Room
Yep. You read it right, dear reader. This comes with the tagline Take Control. I am not really sure what that is supposed to mean but I am betting that if you are into BDSM and some other control-freak sexual orientation, this certainly would be the room for that raunchy violent couple.

  • X-men Room
This was what really inspired (or urged) me to blog about this.

Unleash the power

I guess that was supposed to end with a high note. Well, it really didn't do anything for me. It got me to think of 2 humongous lesbians doing muff dives of off each other.

Ewwwww...Hey, I love to see 2 carpet munchers going at it as much as the next guy but, dude. We are talking huge, hairy, fat chicks digging whatever they are trying to find between their thighs. The thought makes me shudder.

If you are familiar with one of Hollywood's first successful comic franchises, you ought to remember the ├╝ber-futurustic door to Cerebro. The picture shown on the print ad actually did show a picture of that door. Im guessing you have to do some sort of Jedi Mind Trick for that door to work.

I even tried to take a picture of the print ads but all I got was a lousy and vague impression of an impressionist painting by a painter who puked out the watercolor he was supposed to use for paint.

My cam on the phone really sucks. I wish I made more money and the card abuser who actually uses my card instead of me pays the card bills up front so that I can get to use it,

Well, That was indeed a crazy week. If I find something new and strange to blog about I'll post it.

Thanks for reading.

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