Sunday, April 06, 2008

The LCD TV Plan

I took my leave for the SOS concert & a few more extra days for catching up on some personal business. It seems I have left something like a little more than a thousand emails unanswered.

It's like work email!

I asked around for the best bang for the buck LCD TV which I can use both as a TV & a computer monitor. Gerry, referred me to Listeing in Style. I checked another post that mentioned their current offerings, a Hitachi LCD TV for Php 28,000. It looked like a good deal & I'd like to save up on it since the account I am currently working on is about to close down & I have to renew everything that I know about handling tech support calls.

I think around 30k would be more than enoguh without the monitor. It makes good financial sense to buy myself a new TV/Monitor. The LCD TV uses up less power & I plan on getting some broadband as soon as I can afford it. Cable interent seems ideal but I'd hate to leave my current provider since they offer a better channel line up.

I'll figure that out once I get to that point. For now, I have to leave for work.


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