Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Political Chess (Account Transferring)

Someone at the office caught a little info in a network resoruce back at the office. They say I'm moving to WaMu as an L2 and guess who the rumored Shift Supervisor is...Chad!

(Let's all hold our breath for a moment)

Now, if this happens to be true I guess my stay in the company will be shorter than expected. I do not have a professional problem with Chad. Hey! If it's worth it he's very good at pushing performance metrics to it's limit. Everyone does have a problem with the way he handles people. I mean seriously, what can he do to improve what I am capable of? His personality is better off in an uptight organization & I do not ever plan on staying with an uptight culture.

I've had enough of that. I am comfortable where I am & I believe I'm better off using my capabilities elsewhere...thank you very much!

We'll see what happens...

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