Saturday, January 19, 2008

Treo 680: The Purchase

Early this year I decided to sell my phone. I did not really have any problems with it but I guess it was time to upgrade. I skipped a generation and probably should have upgraded when I got the chance then. I skipped going home for a few days and crashed at a co-workers pad (Thanks Katie and Pao!).

I got the order from the more reputable Longbeard who sells Macs at a low price. The first time I emailed him regarding the Crimson Red Treo 680 he quoted Php 17,000 and Php 16,500 for the Graphite. During our emails and through Gtalk he seemed quite distracted or uninterested in my questions. It
didn't really bother me that much since I was a first time buyer and transactions like these are pretty much based on trust, something which is a prime commodity nowadays. Anyway, I re-confirmed with him that I am getting the Crimson Red Treo 680 plus crystal case and screen protector. He okayed the deal, to be picked up on Wednesdays and I thought everything should run smoothly.

The next day, when I came back to work almost everyone knew I was phone-less and I polled around asking if the Crimson Red looked ok. Some thought it looked too red other's says it was ok but the Arctic White looked better. I agreed with them regarding the Arctic White edition but alas, it is not supported in Asia and If I ran into trouble with the phone they may have to replace it with regular Graphite. I decided that the Red should work as it is rarely found here and I checked with Digital Walker, they are commanding the price of Php 24,900.00!!!

I guess I did get a good deal.

I showed up on Wednesday morning at the agreed upon place to pick up the package. I had difficulty going there since the promised sketch to my email never arrived. I met Dave, his brother I think, and told me that the package has not arrived yet. Tsk, Tsk, Very disappointing, indeed. I was given there home phone number so that I can check if the package has arrived. Since I was already packed and miscalculated a missing shirt which Pao offered to compensate by lending one of his. I sauntered home.

I got home and emailed Longbeard about the situation, he claims Customs delayed the package which is fine since we do not have control of such things. I woke up early that night and called the home phone number and looked for Dave. This man with a gruff voice says he wasn't there, I asked if I can drop by before 10:30PM just in case Dave arrives before that since a deal has already been forged, he says ok and just abruptly hangs up on me. Kind of rude really but based on the gruffness on his voice and his dumbfounded manner I can't blame him to know anything about the package.

I scooted over as fast as I can and arrived just 15 minutes before the time. Dave was dealing with someone else and asked me to sit while he finished with his guests. He went in and brought out the package. He shows that it's sealed and provided the receipt when it was purchased. I checked the bottom sticker, no indication that it was Red. I checked with Dave he says he is not sure as he only receives the packages and picks up the money. He says he will check with Longbeard. A call was placed and he says that the Red now costs Php 18,000. I was astonished. We agreed on the price and I later found out that the screen protector is missing. Dave placed another call and Longbeard says the protector was delayed but should arrive on Friday afternoon. I could not afford to leave without anything so I just took the Graphite at Php 16,500 plus the crystal case and told Dave I'll get the Screen Protector on Saturday morning. Since I already made a down payment I just shelled out the difference and will pay the screen protector once I picked it up, Dave agreed.

I took a cab to the office and opened up the box. Everything was sealed and the phone was factory charged for approximately 30% or so. I inserted my Sim card and there you have it, I have a new phone!

It was a bit of a disappointing transaction but if I wanted the Graphite, despite the delay everything would have gone smoothly.

I'll post my review on the Treo 680 soon.

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