Monday, April 21, 2008

Tuvo Una Fiesta Con Pablo

I partied out last saturday.

Pao's fiesta birthday bash.

I woke up late & hurried over. I didn't feel like wearing jeans that night, it was just too warm. I didn't want to wear the new shirts that I bought because I wanted to have them washed first, it's always a good idea. You never know who wore them and on the plus side, you get to smell like you were freshly laundered. When I arrived in Pasig, the drinks just started flowing. I had the buffalo wings made by Prec.

It was the best i've ever had!!

I just kept on nibbling & nibbling just before I had the vodka that was being passed around. There was a lot of singing & a lot of joking around. I sort of felt overdressed despite wearing shorts. I was comfortable though & didn't care if my shirt was not exactly proportional to my shorts. Then again, I never really cared how I look like. Ha ha

After a few rounds of bad singing & some drinks the toker was passed. It had the effect of sniffing Nitrous Oxide & the munchies, did I mention that the buffalo wings are excellent? Gee, I think I did.

I guess a few hits on chronic is showing it's after effects. Everything was just fun!

All this while, this girl back at the office & I were throwing out messages. It's a slow day at the floor. 30 minutes avail is great for an agent. It's just too bad they blocked out internet access so I imagine it could've been boring & relaxing at the same time. I just can't help it. We just so like talking about stuff. I asked her out eventually about bantering on office life & their GA. I don't know why but I felt I was going to be a long way home. It was my off anyway so I had to give myself a chance. Why not take her out for breakfast? So, I did. She said yes. I finished the party & crashed at Cathy's.

I knew we were talking about who & what to date in the office. Just a little romanticizing. He He I don't remember the conversation but we did fall asleep eventually. I woke up after an hour or two of sleep. I bought myself a toothbrush & let her know that I'd be there around 7:30am.

I didn't know what time Heaven & Eggs opened. We were originally deciding Coffee Bean & Tea Leaf or Starbucks. I didn't like starbucks & she doesn't like CBT&L so we opted for that. It was breakfast anyway. She brought along Emmie. I think she was her OIC on her team. It was ok. It's not as if we were going to be romantically involved.

Anyway, we were talking about office work & office life. Emmie had to go home. My date lived not more than 5 mins by can from Eastwood so we spent more time together. I even got a free drink from that conversation after Emmie left.

The Starbucks coffee jelly has these little square jellies inside...It's like nipples in a cup! Ha Ha Ha It was a great 6 hours talking & discoursing on various topics.

Now, that was the best weekend I've had so far. Here's to dating & a very intelligent conversation over free stuff!


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