Monday, April 30, 2007

Event Skipping - Time Away From The World

I've survived, yet another week of work. I finally bought the latest available book from Raymond Feist called, Flight Of The Nighthawks. It was a very short read and I agree on the reviews that this would have been a better side story than part of the main vein of the saga.

Then again it was a change on how the story was approached but a bit similar to Shadow of A Dark Queen.

Anyway, it was entertaining and kept me company for the 3 days I have been reading it.

This would be Kay's last week in our team. I'm sorry to see her go but hey when an opportunity to improve oneself is bidden then you welcome it with open arms. My only regret was not knowing her enough but then again I don't see anything we actually have in common. I find her annoyingly pretty and entertaining. She is very distracting which is why I didn't agree to sit beside her even when she asks. I'm sure she understands.

I didn't go to any parties, dates, or what not this week. I am not in the mood plus there are bills to pay so I cannot afford to risk any funding to unnecessary entertainment.

Speaking of bills, I've already done my part on seeing my daughter and brought her what I was told she needs. In return, she broke my glasses. Just like what any 4-year old will do. I should have taught her how to apologize but then again, I cannot start a lesson and leave it unfinished so I will leave that to the person that will play Father on my behalf which I estimate will be soon enough. The mother of my daughter said nothing but just a simple take care when I left early. I have too much on my mind to worry about it, I'll worry about it next time.

That reminds me, I've already switch brands from Winston Lights to Marlboro Reds. A small change indeed but the other changes I'll make will be slowly detaching myself from others. I think it's about time she had a father who will always be there, not someone who just shows up once a week. I hear that can cause confusion and it might hamper her upbringing. Well, I wish I could be there but not in this lifetime. Unless they provide me a good reason, of course.

That's my time away from the world spent on sleeping and catching up on reading, emails, and this blog.

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