Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Well, Well, Well Here Is Something New

Well, I checked my email tonight and I was sort of caught off guard by an email from the mother of my daughter. (Nothing much surprises me anymore but this is another first from her)

She apologized. (Insert fanfare sound here)

She never apologizes, or at least she rarely does. I debated upon myself to simply sever ties with this one but it was too simple a path to travel. Besides, my daughter is involved and it would be unfair to keep her away from me too (Yes, I do love my daughter even if it isn't obvious).

Well, after serious thought, I knew that I'd rather take a more complicated route to be with my daughter (Even if the path is more wrought with possible consequences). I forgave her.

I hope the mother of my daughter understands that I made an effort to try again (...and again, and again).

I hope everything becomes more smoother next time. I myself will keep dragging my sorry and tired carcass across the path I have taken alone in an effort to keep everyone happy.

Thank the higher powers that provide me the capacity to forgive, wish they would include a better financial situation so that I can provide for all in need.

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