Tuesday, April 24, 2007

Yet Another First Day At Work

I started work again after a 5-day sabbatical that was filled more with dates (Some casual, Some a bit more he he he) than spending it with the people I really wanted to spend time with. The dates were ok but all of them were at the beginning stage (Which basically means I spent more than I should have but it was worth it!) of finding out if there will be sparks or not.

Anyhoo, When I came in to work it was just your typical Monday, follow up on an obscene amount of email, check any case updates that might require my precious attention (I wish I could fit 24 hours in an 8 hour shift), and follow up on the latest in the office.

On the course of the day, One of my co-case managers mentioned a funny story about one of her cases. The customer wanted a replacement. We politely declined because her case simply did not fit the bill for replacement. The customer, irate and adamant at getting what she wanted, kept on rambling about the service and the performance of the unit she purchased. I never did get the exact details but I estimate the conversation to have lasted 15 to 45 mins.

My friend the case manager then decided to send her a free box for service repairs (We usually charge them on the midrange-low end models) of course the customer was elated but had a very important question....

Does the free box contain a replacement model? (Insert comedic drum roll here)

Now do you realize that obnoxiousness and stupidity are not hindered by international borders?

Geez! Thanks for brightening my day Kay, That was fricking awesome! :)

Christ, look at the time!!! I need to try and get some sleep!

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