Sunday, January 06, 2008

A Boring End Of The Year

Gee, it's been a while since I last posted. I can't seem to find the time to post anything interesting. Work has always been eating a lot of my time and I can't seem to enjoy the few times I am free. I always end up sleeping during my off days. Ironically, when it's a work day sleep just seems to vanish. I am not sure why but I always worry about something, it's either the bills, work, traffic, Erin, etc.

I don't even know why I start worrying. I've stopped dating for the moment, I just can't find anyone that is actually interesting. I've stopped replying to SMS messages from my dates. I even told one that although it has been fun, I regret to tell her that I am no longer interested. She asked why and I didn't reply back. I hear she is dating someone new nowadays and I am glad she found someone.

I haven't bought anything for myself last year as I am still considering my options. I don't want to be the idiot that lives from paycheck to paycheck to pay credit cards, luxuries like notebooks, iPod's, and whatever cool accessories are the in thing nowadays.

I tried watching TV but nothing really seems interesting. Their are a few bits on the History Channel my cable provider hooked up with but nothing that really makes me focus that much. I just can't concentrate enough as I have a lot of things in mind that just keep me very distracted.

I tried taking up reading but I cannot find anything interesting to read. I try keeping in touch with the goings on of the technology industry but there isn't enough to keep me interested.

I've ditched the idea of buying the Olympus camera I wanted, I think I should get a desktop first. My sister wants to get a new notebook but I discouraged her to spend on it. We already have a notebook and that should suffice for the meantime. I strongly suggest for the first timers who want to buy a notebook to wait a few years. Flash based storage is nearing and this should greatly increase the battery life and get it at a cheaper price range.

I plan on getting a desktop this year with a budget of Php 30,0000. I'm still considering on purchasing a new LCD TV to act as my monitor so that I won't have to spend on two separate appliances that pretty much do the same thing. It's cheaper in the long run.

Perhaps, I'll start with the LCD TV first. I hear the Samsung's are good from the manufacturing industry. I'll start there and move up to a new desktop with a better chassis.

I saw a good deal for a Treo 680 that's arctic white albeit the warranty already expired. I might get that first since Php 16,500 is a steal for such a rare color.

There's a lot I want to buy but resources are currently limited. I told Erin just a few hours ago that I'll stop sending milk. She's turning 6 yrs old this year and hitting the bottle has to stop some time and I've decided that time is now.

The start of the year was boring. We were asked to work on New Year's eve as it transitioned off to 2008. I'm considering of switching accounts. If they won't let me I just might find a different company who can provide a better offer. I don't want to leave yet but I can't work if I don't enjoy the work they give me.

Ah well, Decision, descisions, decisions. There's a lot to decide this year but I'll get over it.

Hopefully everything turns up well for everyone.

Happy New Year!

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