Monday, July 30, 2007

I Miss Highschool!

When I saw this picture, I suddenly miss high school. No, I don't miss the promiscuity of high school (Well, fine maybe a little) but I do regret not knowing enough people during those 4 years.

I remember almost nothing from my High school. Too much partying and those years were all a haze to me.

I do regret not keeping in contact, then again I have never had a friend I knew more than 13 years keep in close contact with me consistently.

Damn, wish I could relive those memories and do better with whatever passes of as friends and acquaintances I have right now. Then again I am not really a big fan of keeping long-term relationships with friends, I usually move on too quickly.

In the lighter side of this post, Whatever those two are doing, they are hot!!!

W000t! :)

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