Friday, May 25, 2007

Tower of Babble

The humidity of the local weather has been calming down the last few days. We've been getting rain in very minuscule quantities across the whole city. Of course, a cooler climate is always a welcome friend, especially for people like me who sleep during the day.

Another co-Case Manager has left the company to pursue a better paying (but more responsibilities) trade in a different company. Congratulations to Anwar!

This weekend, I'm hoping to get a co-worker to watch Pirates at the Greenbelt movie theater. It's been a while since I took someone out. It's just a casual date. No funny stuff as I am there for the company and nay for romance.

I can't wait. Shrek the Third was a disaster and I did not really enjoy it as much as the ads say about it.

Hopefully, I post in better reviews on Pirates and something exciting on the forthcoming night!

Time to doze off....

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