Thursday, May 31, 2007

Polish Government Launches Probe To Determine Teletubbies Sexual Orientation

The Polish government has announced plans to launch an official investigation into the sexual orientation of the Teletubbies. Does Poland have nothing better to do?

Well, While they are at it, They might want to consider what that purple creature in McDonald's is for and what gender does it represent. I'd love to subpoena the makers of Winnie the Pooh on why he doesn't wear underwear and if Bert and Ernie are really a gay couple.

Hey, They are both actors and we know gay people love the theater!

Frankly, I wish they would just donate some money to my bank account. I'll bet they would feel much more satisfied.

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tubeyes said...

Wow, someone is finally solving the age old mystery of the transgender teletubbie! Silly Polish...

[C]hicken [G]od said...

Wouldn't it make more interesting courtroom drama if this was televised and they'd tackle my suggested ideas?

Well, at least for some people. That's another mystery off our backs.

Hmm...I wonder if the Polish are smoking something special.

Thanks for reading.