Friday, May 11, 2007

Global Warming - In My Own Bed!!!

It is sooooooo hot!

I've woken up at this ungodly hour (Daytime is ungodly for me) on this last day of work.

Someone mentioned a funny anecdote and this would I apply to what I feel right now. Waking up from bed, drenched in sweat and as I make a huge effort to stand up I check the bed I just left..

There's an outline of my body, similar to a crime scene.

I thought to myself, the summer gets hotter every year, someone should put a stop to it.

So I did....

The fan is turned up all the way high and I've put a bowl of ice just in front of it so the coolness is swept by the humid air my fan brings. Ahhhhh refreshing!

I've kept a constant supply of peach flavored C2 (Yummy!) in the fridge near my room and have been drinking it like alcohol.

With all the taxes the government steals way from my paycheck they should be able to control the weather!!! Grrrr....the sun is simply not my thing. I am a winter solstice and moon worshipper, I need my cold weather!

I should stop now before I scream my bloody guts out and add more heat to the already warm weather!

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