Saturday, November 06, 2010

Happy Days - An Evolution Of A Generation

'Happy Days' actor who played Mr. Cunningham dies -, Philippine News for Filipinos

When I first heard this I have always wondered what it would have been like to be there witnessing a generation change the world through free-thinking ideas. The Happy Days series was one of those shows you tend to keep close to your heart as it changes the way you view things.

I remember watching the show on an old colored TV with bad RF reception as Richie Cunningham and his gang going through the motions of American puberty growing up in the 50s. I must say that the 50s was a decade of innocence. Nearing the end of the decade, this generation started to question the necessity of conforming and realized individualism and innovation as the new "cool".

In my personal opinion, some time between the 50s and the 60s was where the term "being cool" became popular as the urge for individualism and being different in a socially acceptable level rose to be what defined their generation.

It would have been nice to be there and be part of the grassroots movement of coining the term cool in a global scale. 

According to Wikipedia there is a timeline of cool:

For what it's worth, Thanks to the Happy Days gang for allowing us to remember how it was like to be innocent and documenting what it was like to be part of a generation that has freed us from the shackles of conformity and promoting individualism.

I certainly hope that future generations will take the better characteristics of individualism and conformity and unite them to form a better society than we have now.

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