Monday, November 08, 2010

Archos 43

I tried crowdsourcing for an answer in the quest for my new PMP from a previous post.

A kind soul answered my query and pointed me to the Archos line. I probably chose Creative at first due to it being a brand name and of course, they were the pioneer of sound back  in the mid-90s.

After my first day at work, I thought I'd pop in to one of the shops and ask around. I found out that the specific model I was looking for is relatively new but I saw a glimpse of the Archos 5. A soon to be discontinued model that basically looks like the iPod touch.

I checked the unsealed box and it seems a better choice than the Creative Zen X-Fi2 that alternative PMP users have been hearing about. The Archos seems to match almost everything that I am looking for in the PMP. If it was readily available and a few hundred off the current prices I would have probably made an impulsive decision just like when I purchased my ASUS 1000HE netbook which I still hold dear.

I am going to email the distributor right now and see if it is available. I hope I get to touch before making the purchase!

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