Friday, August 17, 2007

I Finally Have A Chance At Showbiz!

It was a typical day at work.

Cases to resolve, shouting matches to be heard and the usual quips between team mates and bosses.

The D then just turned off those big ass speakers of his, and candidly announced on who wants to show up for a shoot as his friend is looking for some extras for a short commercial for Eastwood(ugh! but it's a start).

Everyone started chatting up and at this stage you can seperate those who have guts with the ones with the huge cojones (or really huge ego's!). I'm in for the latter so I signed up.

Take note, two of my team mates have been through this cycle before, I believe Andi did it professionally for a while. Nap did it just for the money in Darna on GMA. I know what you are thinking right now, do we get paid or do we get laid?


They did pay us in food and 2 free movie passes with certain exclusions. (Bah! It doesn't matter, The nationwide television audience gets to see moi in the boobtube!)

When the phones clocked 8AM, we all raced down to the ground floor off the building and met with the D's friend, whose a looker but not my type.

We were all anticipating what would happen next and everyone was in a good mood and elated at the fact that the commercial will be shown in local cable channel ETC.

I started chatting up the group asking where the hell my personal PA is and who will be doing my makeup? (At this point, I wish I wore a better shirt) Everyone laughed of course.

We took a walk up to Eastwood Cinema 1 and they were already starting the shoot with a preview of Surf's Up (boring movie, really!). I was expecting a lot of pretty people scampering about doing some tweaking but no, it was just a bunch of people sitting around with the Director huddling with his production crew on how to get the best effect for the commercial. There were 3 models in the middle aisle of the 3 row from the bottom, All pretty and dolled up but again, not my type. I am not a big fan of make up. I detest it in fact, but of course, always patient when they insist.

Anyway, we were instructed to sit on some of the top rows off-camera and the Director provided some instructions on how we should react once the camera pans over to us. "Just laugh as if you are actually enjoying yourself." says the Director. We were all provided some popcorn on top with gobs of tissue at the bottom and some empty plastic cups for sodas. (How impressive is that?)

The Director started hollering "Action!" and in a few secs he signaled us to laugh which we did. It was awkward at first but since the awkward ambiance was laughable I started feeling giddy and really did laugh. Alan who was just on front row, started throwing out his popcorn on the back row (me!) and I started cursing him like a marine. (I felt insulted about the popcorn which typically had no flavor at all, If it had some real butter on it I would not mind as I would catch them by my mouth! he he he)

That took about 3 or 4 takes. It didn't seem funnier after the first two but hey, it still a shoot and it ain't everyday you get the chance to be shown on TV.

We were asked to move around and the D, Nap and I ended up in the left side of the theater just a 5 or 6 rows from the bottom. I had a better view of the commercial models and I am still unimpressed. Then a couple came in and it was like someone puked one of those girly model magazine's on them. According to Nap she looks like Katrina Halili, I really could not see because it was too dark, even with my glasses on.

During this particular scene, The Director asked us to do the same as previous but when Nap heard the director say action, he started laughing before the signal, I started laughing also!

It was another 2-3 takes and I was starting to grow bored. When it was all over we were asked to go to Something Fishy. It was the usual bad breakfast buffet. I don't know why people are that impressed with their food. It sucks, I was better off eating at home but I can't complain as it was free.

We were all chatting about the events that transpired hours ago. I checked my watch and it was 11AM. Sigh, I had to scramble for home.

Overall, it was something to be proud of. I sure hope our scenes don't get cut out of the commercial. I'll wait for the soft copy and probably try out the video blogging feature in blogger and do an upload.

Till next time.


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