Tuesday, January 04, 2011

HTC Desire Z Leaves A Few Things To Be Desired

Even though I am as poor as the vermin at home, I asked a friend to get me my first Android phone, The HTC Desire Z.

Not my actual picture!

I was never really a big fan of touchscreen type phones as I find them cumbersome to use but I welcome their additional functionality in providing easy access to applications without navigating through a lot of options via the QWERTY keyboard. 

As a newbie coming from the Palm line of smartphones, I have found new life on the screens of these new phones along with the impressive UI found in Android devices. I feel like I have a lot of extra desktop space on the phone since it enables desktop switching via finger swipe gestures to move on to different home screens. If you are familiar with Linux you can switch to several desktop screens unlike Windows where you only have one desktop and switch to different windows which will clutter up your task bar.

I would like to point out though that the only issue I have on the way the Desire Z has been designed is the location of the audio jack at the top of the phone. I find it a bit difficult to use the hardware slide keyboard while my headphones are on. I don't like using bluetooth headphones since it eats up more battery and I would like to avoid looking like a douche having a rectangular piece in my ear.

So far, I have been jumping on different ROMs ever since I rooted it and have tried Villain Z 1.0.0, Q'n'D-MIUI ROM, and Cyanogenmod 6.1.1.

I have been trying to learn how to properly make my own ROM using Dsixda's Android Kitchen for HTC phones in order to add/remove some of the applications.

Right now, am currently using Villain Z 1.0.0 and I like the way Sense integrates social networking sites like Facebook and Twitter but it seems a bit sluggish for me so I think I'll start ROM jumping again.

Overall, I do like the way my first Android phone is built and the option to truly customize it is addictive and a truly awesome experience!

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