Friday, December 31, 2010

PLANET ZERO Goes Down Before The Year Ends

With the year nearing its end, I am suddenly slapped in the face a few times by a stroke of bad luck with computers, specifically my desktop.

There's a reason why I still stick with Windows and keep Linux on the netbook. I still like playing games from time to time and am still not overly proficient with the nuances of Ubuntu. After more than a year running the desktop for 24 hours and I guess 4 or 5 reinstalls due to software issues, my primary drive decides to go down. I have never owned a Western Digital drive in my life but since they were cheaper I opted to get a 1.5TB for storage purposes and rarely access it except for downloading new stuff. Thankfully it hasn't gone down yet but it is currently going through a file consistency check which appears to take more than a few hours the maximum wait time to finish.

My main issue is the 320GB Western Digital which still has an IDE interface. My 40GB seagate still works but I had to format that as well due to software issues which caused my torrent files and a few files becoming unreadable. It sucks that I have to redo everything but I hope that the 1.5TB data is still intact.

I may need to build a new box dedicated to storage and P2P soon and start a RAID system to avoid this situation from happening again. I am thinking if I can do this on Ubuntu or FreeNAS but the latter is using ZFS which is used mostly by Solaris or FreeBSD, I may need to do more research on that.

In my opinion, Western Digital sucks and I am sticking to Seagate on my next system.

Anyone want to buy all my Western Digital HDDs?

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