Wednesday, September 29, 2010

OpenOffice files Oracle divorce papers

"Uncertainty breeds mistrust

Open sourcers have seized control of the OpenOffice project and product and declared their independence from database giant Oracle.…"

It appears the Open Source community is doubtful of the capitalist corporation Oracle, and their intentions with one of the more popular competitors of MS Office. I just renewed my use on OpenOffice since I installed Linux again on my laptop. I'm glad to say it is still as solid as ever but then again I am a light user of the open source office suite so that observation may be mixed with bias.

Nevertheless, the name change to LibreOffice will not affect my decision on sticking with what works. I'm happy with what I have and I thank the developers and maintainers for keeping the software free from capitalist hands.

If I were you, help support free software by encouraging it's use. Eventually, when the dust settles, everyone will follow suite to the standards and you may never have to pay for a full office application again.

Now, let me cash in my last paycheck and get back to my pursuit of the great capitalist dream!

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