Saturday, July 24, 2010

Job Hunting

Here I am updating my old rickety resume with the last stint I had in IT. I cannot belive that more than 4 years have passed since I did a major update. I kept thinking what made me stay for all those years. Was it the money? The people? The benefits? Such thoughts got me thinking that first it was money, then it was people, then the benefits.

As I mentioned before, I have met a lot of characters here and there. It's your typical A-Z crowd. From the people who I think I jive with to the people who are just plain nutty. I don't mean to abandon anybody, I tried to know everyone either by face or name but this brain can only take so much. Thinking back, I remember a lot of faces but rarely remember their names.

Anyhoo, I digress so let's go back to my resume. Apparently, keeping track of what you have done is mentally taxing. There are so many minute details that you can write on but the question is, which of those mattered? I'd like to think that I contributed something culture-changing but since they expanded, the culture evolved. I guess being a melting pot of different perspectives can be bad if not utilized properly or nobody takes their time to guide the direction that it takes. If I were in a position to make a decision, I could have prevented that and would probably not allow such a thing to devolve the office culture I once loved.

We all hear about that change is a constant but we always forget that we can redirect that change and use it to our advantage. If left alone, you get chaos. That rarely puts us in a better position in moving forward. We love to bicker and we love to take advantage of others. I guess its a natural thing for social beings. Its engraved in our minds that we should be at an advantage. Sad but true.

Ah well, I'm almost done with updating my resume and will just proof it later.

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