Tuesday, June 17, 2008

Lazy Day...

It's a lazy day. I think tomorrow I'll ask someone out.

I hear The Happening is bitching! Last night, I asked someone out & The Incredible Hulk happens to be very appealing. Thanks to Cathy, she spoiled a piece of the movie. Tony Stark did a cameo. I was surprised that Lou Ferrigno was there too! Except for the wrinkles, the dude is still alive. His hearing problem is a bit obvious to the trained eye.

This year's Hulk movie is better than the old Eric Bana version. The latter was boring as some people I know. At least I got what I paid for.

I wonder who I can ask. I don't want to rotate dates yet but I fear the list has been growing short as of late.

Decisions, decisions, decisons.

I might succumb to dating in the office. I hope I find someone for myself.

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