Monday, June 23, 2008

Alchemy - Just Another Party

I'm a bit hammered so i'll keep this one short

There were girls & I met someone named Maggie, a girl out of my league. One of the dancers who was part of the production party that organized whole shebang. She was wearing this really short skirt.

(Did I mention that I'm turned on by girls in skirts?)

I skipped early since I eventually got bored. Besides I had a picture taken with Maggie, the first was when I kissed her on the cheek which caused her to run! Ha ha I guess she got offended so the next chance I got her alone I apologized & promised her a decent picture but I don't remember who took it. Damn, that was a waste.

Anyhoo, I crashed at Pao's for a while then I went home....or so I thought. I ended up in a friend's place and she took me to the bus terminal the next morning.

I don't remember the in-betweens but I'm hoping nothing that I would regret happened.

Ah well, I sometimes miss highschool then again I know i'd regret it. I'm glad I turned out alright though. Sometimes it's nice to fool around but you always have to consider the consequences.

Lesson learned!

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