Monday, October 29, 2007

I Think I'm Going To Be Sick

I've already had an uneasy feeling (No, not the period you dumbshit). It was after my last date that wasn't really that impressive. We just had dinner at Cafe Adriatico and was supposed to get drinks at Blue Room in Malate.

The latter was closed due to the liquor ban so we opted for Cowboy Grill. (It's my first time actually and it wasn't as bad as I expected). My date was really quiet, not really impressed with her. I ditched her around 11PM and took her home.

I was bored. The band playing sucked the drinks tasted like really cold water and we were sitting just in front of the AC. It was really bad, I've had worse but I was expecting something better.

I think it was because of last night that I caught a nasty cold. Heat and cold have been besting each other, Imposing themselves on an already very chaotic weather pattern.

I hate it.

I still have to be at work tonight, I really need to sleep.

I'll try turning in early today before the sun rises and I seriously need to buy some medicine as a preventive measure.

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