Sunday, October 28, 2007

Dating Older Women (A Perspective)

Have you ever dated a woman more than a year older than you?

I just did.

Is there are a difference you ask? Nope, no difference at all. I can't say I am an expert but I did enjoy myself and she says she enjoyed my company. The date started off with coffee at Figaro (Yum!). She actually could not believe that I stood at a little more than 5 feet. She is a standing 5'7" in case I forgot to mention, fair complexion, voluptuous, and very eye catching. She was very hesitant at first simply because this was all a blind date setup by a friend and she never really knew me as we do not hang on the same social circles.

It was just a chance date as I had nothing to do last night. We talked about stuff, where she worked, what I did, hobbies, politics, opinions on relationships, religious views, etc, etc. This is what I like when I date women older than me. They usually have a lot of things to say about almost everything. It wasn't annoying mind you but finally I was getting a decent conversation going.

We decided on dinner at Italliani's as we had nothing in particular for that night. A light dinner really with some appetizers and the main course was just plain breaded blue marlin. When we started eating I started to eat a bit more than I intended to. She was pretty impressed by my appetite for such a "slim guy" as she commented. We wolfed down almost everything except the dry bread they serve while you wait for the e
ntrées you ordered.

We talked a bit more then she asked if I drink. I told her I don't drink that much and I can become very rowdy when I've had too much. She said she was in the mood for a couple of bottles. I asked her where shall we have drinks, she suggested the Blue Room in Malate. I thought for a moment and told myself, "Why not? When was the last time you've been there? Gay never took you there when you shared her apartment last year..." I agreed.

We hopped on a taxi and we actually got a little lost. We kept on driving around when apparently the bar was just nearby. We opted to walk.

We were walking and she probably felt a bit comfy as she held my arm as if we were dating for weeks and it became a regular thing. All of a sudden, we heard a girl shout my name...

We gasped and turned around to look. I thought the girl who shouted my name was looking at me then suddenly she turned her eyes to a different direction. I was shocked, I thought it was one of those people I knew from my past who suddenly remembered me. I of course did not want to spoil my date by having another girl for company. Frankly, I was glad it wasn't us she was looking at but someone who had a similar name.


My date asked me if I went to Malate often, I told her no. I was a Makati goer myself but I do dabble in Malate once in a while when me and my other social cirlce wanted to hook up with chicks. I looked at her and I think she had a glint of jealousy in her eyes. I laughed it off and told her that of course that life is over. I haven't picked anyone up for almost a year. Im busy with work and I happen to be very serious about it, I told her.

We entered the bar and found a very dark corner where we could talk. I myself am not a big fan of noisy bars. I prefer the homey, smooth kind of place you-can-hear-each-other-without-shouting venue when having drinks with a date. I don't dance but I've heard that I got drunk once and actually danced pretty decently back in high school. Just rumor really, There is no documented proof and most of the eyewitnesses have flocked west towards greener pastures.

Well, again we talked. While we ordered drinks, she had a couple of beers and I had a Vodka tonic (Which wasn't really bad!). We talked some more and then she just leaned forward, I just thought she wanted to take a whiff of the cologne I've been wearing (Davidoff's Cool Water, baby!) then she suddenly pressed her lips against mine. I don't know why but I kissed back.

I don't know how long that was but we were pretty much isolated under a very opaque light so I guess nobody noticed. She smiled a very naughty smile....

I kept thinking the kiss wasn't bad but I've kissed better.

I looked at her eyes, trying to read what was on her mind but alas, I did not have my glasses on so I kept mum about what just transpired. She just kept on staring at me and it was something like 10 seconds we weren't really talking. I leaned forward and kissed her again and there was no resistance. It was actually more enthusiastic....

Aaahhh, that much better...

So, she said that I kissed pretty good. I rebutted saying I didn't even have practice but hey thanks for the complement. We talked again and a few other things happened as the night stretched on...

Let's just say we parted around 5am in the morning with smiling, satisfied faces. She asked me if we would go out again. I told her I'd check but hey it's been a very great evening with her.

She kissed me again and gave a really tight hug. I dropped her off at her home and she just squeezed my hand a bit. I told her that she made the date awesome and she was very pretty. She thanked me for the wonderful dinner and company and she ended with a let's do this again next time. I said of course. She turned her back and just before she closed the door, she just looked at me smiling and then the door clicked.

Well, that's a wrap on this date. Let's see what else happens on the next. I've got a few lined up but I am not sure if anything can top this night!

Got any older women dating experiences to share? Post a comment and let's compare notes!

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