Sunday, February 18, 2007

A Valentine Snooze

This week was Valentine's week.

I am again dateless, though there is none to blame but myself as I have not been actively looking for dates on this particular month for the past few years or so.

I always tend to find appealing dates on off months. June or July when it starts to rain (I'd blame the wet, cold weather and need some sort of heat ventilating outlet) or on October to November (Blamed on the cold once again)

Now when I read this post over it seems I have limited my very rare romantic periods to odd seasons. I guess it's because I love to shock and leave subtle surprise gawking from another person's face.

Ahh, 'Tis really exhilarating to see the effects you bring on people.

Now back to the dreary days ahead on this odd month of romance.....which is currently a snooze!

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