Friday, September 25, 2009

Another Year, Another Life

I just came off the plane.

Another few days in the most sacred of places, not even my friends know where it is. Too bad I could not stay long. It was a bit unplanned. I was supposed to be going to Cebu and see my best girl but for whatever reason her mom is unreachable. That was a waste of effort but nevertheless no point in bickering.

I've decided, I'm switching careers. No more of the being helpful and kind while making a wry face while helping users at the other end of the line. Now I think it's about time to stop worrying about others and start worrying about myself. I'm hoping to get retrenched and leave quietly with out fuss and off to another adventure in another industry.

I just got myself a netbook. Spur of the moment decision really!

What was supposed to be a 500GB external HDD turned to a 10 inch ASUS EEE 1000HE. So far so good. I've had this a little less than a month and have not seen anything to be annoyed with (except for the lack of readily available broadband).

Here I am writing this pointless post on my new toy and not much going on really.

Well, A little more than a month and maybe a few days of rest and this sorry story will hopefully pickup.

Ha ha ha ha

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