Saturday, November 17, 2007

Almost 36 Hours...

Since 10 AM yesterday morning I haven't slept...literally.

I've lost the knack to sleep. I planned to get some shuteye before logging off from work but somehow every case I handle suddenly make themselves urgent.

Since sleeping was out of the question, I just readied myself to go to my former officemates kid's baptism.

I saw a few old faces and it seems my rep is still stuck in some of the people I used to work with. There was this pretty girl who I knew only by face and she didn't know me well except by reputation. I remember because she was stunning.

She is now a few weeks or months pregnant and me still being tactless from lack of sleep simply blurted out that she was still stunning and albeit she did gain a bit she still was pretty. I don't exactly know what came over me but well at least I think I made her day.

Pretty, a word I rarely use nowadays. I think it's true what one of my former dates say. I guess I am a bit choosy. Perhaps I've set my standards to high which is why I can never settle for just anyone. It seems it has to be someone. Well, it's the selfishness in me breaking through the cage of ignorance I've formed a little more than a decade ago. Bah! I think too much! I'll leave it to fate in terms of relationships.

Anyhoo, I did meet a few new people. New blood of the company working in various support groups. My friend jokingly asked if I wanted to come back to the company and add myself to the corporate hierarchy. I thought about it and it depends on what they are offering. I'm content where I am but I'd love to be at a better position or whatever I can get.

Well, there's always time. We'll see what happens. Now, I really need to sleep!

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