Saturday, January 13, 2007

I Bought A New iPod!

For the past 2 weeks, it's been work, eat, sleep. It's a vicious cycle that one has to live with. In a sudden twitch against this redundant pattern I've woven myself into, I bought myself a new iPod. It's a 4GB gadget with a silver aluminum skin, that ideally is supposed to be scratch-resistant. For the 2 weeks that I've brought it along during normal commutes to and fro into various destinations - no scratches yet!

The earphones are designed a bit differently. They fit the ears better than the earphones I originally had with the iPod shuffle which is a bit large for the holes of my very petite ears.

Since this is a new purchase, I played the smart card and also threw in a crystal case and a silicon armband. The armband is not what I have hoped for but it does it's job fairly well. The crystal case is your plain vanilla crystal case with a notch at the back for inserting a velcro strap. I've been meaning to look for one but it somehow keeps slipping my mind and I end up with using the crystal case inserted in my pocket.

Once or twice I've used the armband but I always fear that the LCD screen will break since there is no real protection for the LCD part of the silicon armband.

Then again this works for me for the mean time. Maybe next time, a portable dock will be my next purchase with kick ass speakers that has an alarm clock....Yep, that'll work.

Meantime the shuffle has been passed off to my younger sister. Apparently, those hints of getting me to buy her an iPod too eventually paid off.

Such a vicious cycle indeed.

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